March 2, 2012

When I drive to Philomath to pick Eli up, it brings up a lot of sadness. I had to go to Corvallis from Rob’s house to pick up Rylan, so I took the quickest route, which was the road the accident happened on. It doesn’t look like an obvious place an accident would occur. It was such an unnecessary accident..what I mean is that it doesn’t make sense. I guess most accidents leave people with these kinds of feelings.
Rylan and Eli are putting a puzzle is nice to have them here. Hope stays downstairs most of the time with her baby. She hasn’t been feeling very well, as she has mastitis. She is kinda grumpy. I know she is not getting the sleep she is used to getting either. All issues that come along with the territory of being a new mother. I remember how hard it was the first month after having the kids. I don’t want to feel like I have to walk on eggshells in my own house though. I have to have some kind of boundaries, which is tricky. I am the parent of the parent..confusing? Maybe, I have never had a teenage daughter with a child. Lots of issues arise from the timing and circumstances around this kind of situation. I am really not in a place where I want to deal with it. I must though. There, I hope I said all of that without disclosing too much that would tick anyone off.
Landon is almost back to his birth weight. He is very sweet. He had his two week appointment today, and all is going well. He may have to have an additional blood test to check his Jaundice level next week if he still look yellow.
Landria seems like she is doing pretty well. She needed a break to go be kidless, so Rylan is staying the night. I like having him over at least once a week. His birthday is coming up on Mar. 11. I guess she is having a party at Chuck e cheese. I hate that place, but I guess the kids like it. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend..
More later…
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