First Time Blogger


It has been suggested that I start a blog instead of posting my experiences on FB. Two and half months ago, two of my daughters and grandson were in a life changing car accident. My grandson was okay, but my two daughters were severely injured. My younger daughter was taken to the hospital unconscious. It took the Emergency response team over an hour to cut my oldest daughter out of the car. This day was December 5, 2011. This day forever changed our lives. Part of what has helped me to cope with each day has been to write to my friends on Facebook, who have offered  so much support with what will always be a nightmare.  Thank God there were computers at the hospital.


16 thoughts on “First Time Blogger

  1. Kathy

    Nina, I have been following your story. I am learning so much from you –I hope you will continue to blog. You have much to share and to teach.


  2. Patricia

    Hello Nina, my heart goes out to you. I read your post on grieving mothers three days before Alex’s funeral. My God how you must be in pain ! She was/is just so beautiful. I can never know your pain as I have never been through your tunnel and pray I never will, however, I did bury my beautiful 17 year old neice just 3 years ago 😦 Alecia was/is a beautiful young lady with so much to live for . She was my sisters daughter and like a daughter to me… Still so very painful and something I think about every day. Your days will seem long . There will be times when you will laugh and smile again especially when you hold your grandchildren in your arms. My prayers are with you . God Bless…


    • Thank you Patricia. I am sorry about your niece, Alecia. She and Alex were the same age. Alex was in in her Senior year, and almost 18 years old..this Friday is her birthday. How is your sister doing? Take care.


  3. sparklegem

    Nina, I am glad that you are blogging. If writing helps even a little tiny bit, then keep writing and writing and writing. It helps others, too and is so much better then eating cupcakes…
    Much love, gem


  4. Adriana

    I love the idea of this blog. You might think about going back to all your FB posts and adding them here 🙂
    I want to share the last memory I have of Alex, but want to make sure it’s OK with you first.
    I just finished a WordPress web page for a class. Kind of fun once you get the hang of it.
    Thinking of you every day.


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